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5 Star Service

Dear Tom,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you again for providing my family and I with 5 star service selling our Sacramento investment home!  I want you also to know I rarely take time in my busy schedule to write an appreciative letter like this unless the person really deserves it.

Living three hours away, we wanted a successful and proven Realtor, whose advice and service could be trusted, who shared our values and would be able to sell our home in the shortest possible time at the best possible price.  In addition we needed to hire someone who had a team behind them along with people who can do repairs at reasonable prices.  Tom, you fulfilled every need we had and truly appreciate all you and your team has done for us by getting us multiples offers, selling quickly and for a higher price than we listed our home for!!!!!  Fantastic!!

On a personal aside and to help you appreciate how you stood out for us, I wanted to share a few reasons why we hired you and why we would recommend you to others.  We had four great highly recommended realtors to choose from and were not sure who to pick except for using the general guidelines shared already.

From our first email inquiry you quickly responded the same day, which I did not expect on a weekend.  Your fast response time, being the first to see our house, first to give us a bid for improvements and in a short time demonstrated why you are one of the top agents in all Sacramento and why you deserved our business.  I also appreciated your honesty, humility and never felt rushed in our phone conversations.  Our conversations were very helpful as you told us without being pushy or making us feel bad, why we should do some upgrades that cost $12,000.00 and what needed to be done to receive a good offer on our home in 30-60 days.  Don’s bid for improvements was fairly large, but very reasonable for the amount of work to be done.   What cinched it was that all Don’s upgrades would be done in 10 days from the signing of our contract.

The rest is history.  After signing that afternoon, Don started the next day and was done in 10 days (on time & on budget) as you promised and on the market by the following weekend.  Wow!! You guys rock!!,   In a world where most people like to talk, you and your team are people of action and I can understand why you are one of the top agents around.  Also to your credit and because of your recommendations, we sold our home more than the asking price (that paid more than our improvements) when similar homes around us did not sell after being on the market for several months.  Treating us like family and our home as if it was your own investment home made all the difference as we reaped the reward of your expertise and good character.

Tom I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family and as you know we will be doing some more business with other homes in nearby cities.  I would also be glad to talk to anyone who is on the fence about using your service.  Please share with your team how appreciative we are of all their efforts.



Mark Schwenne and family (Trish, Mike and Monica)



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