What Should You Pay Attention to at an Open House?

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Going to an open house can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. There are lots of other people there, and there’s probably a Realtor there that’s trying to speak with you about the home. It’s tough to remain focused on various aspects that you need to pay attention to. That’s why today I’ll be reminding you of the things to look out for during an open house.

1. Pay attention to the neighborhood as you drive to the house. Make sure it has the amenities that you’re looking for, and make sure it’s a place that you could see yourself growing into.

2. It’s also good to pay attention to the neighbors and the condition that their properties are in. When you buy a home, the neighbors also come with it.

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3. Privacy should be a concern as well. When you look out your bedroom window, do you peer right into your neighbor’s house. Are the backyards separated by a fence?

4. How does the exterior of the home look? Walk around the entire perimeter of the home to ensure that there is nothing hiding along the side of the home. You want to make sure there is no deferred maintenance because that’s probably what you will see inside as well.

5. How well does the house flow? Is it open or more shut off? Do the rooms feel spacious?

6. Make sure the layout of the home is going to work for you. If you have young children, you may want your bedroom on the same floor.

7. Check for smells, stains, and other signs of nastiness. Check for water stains, because that could be a sign of a roof leak or mold.

8. How much natural light and air get into the house? I love a home with lots of natural light and good airflow, and I think other people appreciate this as well. Make sure your home flows well in this sense.

9. Closet space may sound trivial at an open house, but it’s going to be important when you finally move in. This goes for storage space throughout the home in general.

10. The kitchens and bathrooms are where you’ll be spending the most time, so make sure that they work for your purposes. This is also where the most value comes from when you make repairs before or after a home sale, so you want a nice kitchen and bathrooms.

Hopefully this information can be useful to you when you go to your next open house. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


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