Homes for sale in Orangevale 

Orangevale is famous for its rolling hills and the breathtaking views of the Sierra Nevada mountain range they offer. The community houses about 34,000 people, and it lies about 25 miles northeast of Sacramento. Although Orangevale is dominated by Caucasians (about 80%), it still boasts a healthy mix of Hispanics, Native Americans, and Asians. It’s the perfect prototype of how a community can preserve its rural feel while thriving in a growing metropolitan area. 

What is the cost of housing in Orangevale? 

Orangevale’s median home value is about $335,000. If you’re open to rental options, a studio apartment should cost about $750, while a 2-bedroom apartment should go for around $1,350. Due to the contemporary nature of the area, there aren’t too many condos in Orangevale. It may also interest you to know that about 72% of Orangevale residents are homeowners. If you’re interested in becoming an Orangevale homeowner, you can check out Tom Daves Team’s listing of homes for sale in Orangevale. 

Is Orangevale, CA, safe? 

Orangevale is a safe place to live for individuals and families alike, keeping with the general peace and calm of the Sacramento suburbs. The community has an overall crime rate of 14 per 1000 residents, slightly lower than the average for towns of comparable sizes in America, and much lower than the average in California. According to Neighborhood Scout’s analysis of FBI crime data, an Orangevale resident has a 1 in 69 chance of being a victim of violent crime in the town. 

What are the available transportation options? 

The Sacramento International Airport is about 30 minutes away from Orangevale, and that’s where air travel happens for all the residents of Sacramento suburbs. The Sacramento Regional Transit system also has several buses running, and there’s a light rail in Folsom, which is even closer to Orangevale than Sacramento. Overall, the community boasts an excellent road network, and as you would expect from a small town, traffic is virtually non-existent. 

What are the outdoor recreation options in Orangevale?

The general outdoors in Orangevale is pleasant and refreshing. Most homes have a yard with trees, and there are walkways all around the community. There are a few places where you can access open water in Orangevale. Top of the list is the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail, which goes along Lake Natomas. If the weather is favorable, you’ll always see people jogging, riding, or simply hiking this trail. 

The Folsom lake is just about 10 miles away from Orangevale, and it promises a wide array of water sports and recreational activities. If you’d like to avoid the congestion that often happens at Lake Folsom, you can consider taking the two-hour drive to Lake Tahoe or Lake Yosemite. 


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Homes for sale in Orangevale