Homes in Granite Bay 

The Sacramento area has numerous suburbs and neighborhoods that present great options for people looking to live just outside California’s capital. If you’re looking for a luxurious suburb that would serve as an upgrade on your lifestyle, Granite Bay is the perfect option for you. Although the community has been in existence for a while now, it still houses just over 20,000 people. The small population gives an added tranquility to a community that’s safe and welcoming to all. If you’re looking for homes in granite bay, Tom Daves Team has the best realtors that would ease your search, while giving you the best value for your money. 

Is Granite Bay a good place to live? 

The official motto of Granite Bay is ‘A Great Place to Live, Work, and Play’. And there’s little to suggest that the statement is untrue. It’s a dream place to live for people who love a vibrant, upscale suburb that has the perfect blend of serenity and outdoor spark. Although the cost of living may be a tad high, it is not exactly over the top. The range of stunning real estate options available in Granite Bay would also leave you spoilt for choice. 

Contemporary, Tudor, and Spanish-style homes dominate the area. Other modern designs are also available for people who do not appreciate the vintage feel. If you have school-age children, you would be delighted to know that the schools in Granite Bay are among the best in the district. Healthcare is also top-notch, and the residents boast a vibrant recreational life. All in all, there is hardly any reason any family would not want to live in Granite Bay. 

What’s the price of homes in Granite Bay? 

The median home value in Granite Bay is $697,500, and the median rent is $1,763. The figure is heavily skewed by the plethora of luxury accommodation options available in the community. Granite Bay residents favor owning their own homes, with about 87% of residents being homeowners rather than tenants. If you’re looking interested in more affordable options, you can trust Tom Daves Team to furnish you with listings that would suit your budget. 

How far is Granite Bay from Sacramento, CA? 

The distance between Granite Bay and Sacramento is 35km. If you’re driving your car or taking a Taxi, it’s no more than a 28-minute drive, and the traffic is almost always light or non-existent even. If you’re going without a car, the best way to get to Granite Bay from Sacramento is by Bus. The bus drive takes about 50 minutes, and it costs less than $40. 

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Homes in Granite Bay