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Located in Placer County, Loomis is a tiny suburb of Sacramento that’s home to just over 6000 people. The residents enjoy a mix of suburban and rural life, with about 70% of them being homeowners rather than tenants. If you desire a serene suburb with clean air and breathtaking landscapes, there is no doubt you’ll love Loomis, CA. And a real estate agent in Loomis from Tom Daves Team is always on hand to give you the best deals when searching for a home in Loomis. 

Is Loomis a good place to live? 

Except you’re a fan of buzzing urban centers that never sleep, there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy living in Loomis. The town’s motto “A small city is like a big family” is a perfect description of what living in Loomis is like. The serene environment and friendly neighbors would make you feel welcome. And despite the small population, the community is diverse enough to give everyone a sense of belonging.  

At 3.2%, Loomis’ unemployment rate is below the national average. Even if you do not have one yet, you are more than likely to find at least a modest job in Loomis. The cost of living, although about 50% higher than the national average, is relatively reasonable when compared to other communities in its ilk. The weather is similar to what you’ll get in Sacramento; hot to very hot in the summer, mild in the fall and spring, and moderately cold in the winter months. All in all, Loomis is a great place to stay for families that desire stability and serenity. 

What is the cost of real estate in Loomis?

The median housing cost in Loomis is about $650,000, while the average rent lies around $1,350. This is in keeping with what obtains in most Sacramento suburbs. As mentioned earlier, Loomis residents heavily favor buying their own homes over renting one. If you want to become a proud Loomis homeowner, you can get in touch with a trusted real estate agent in Loomis from Tom Daves Team. 

What are the available recreation options? 

Despite its small size, Loomis has numerous recreations, shopping, and dining options. Residents can spend a typical evening out at Loomis Park, Horton Iris Garden, or the Blue Anchor Park. If you want to get even closer to nature, you can consider taking the short trip to the Folsom Lake area or the hiking trails of Sierra Nevada. 

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Are you thinking of moving into Loomis, CA, and you’d like to check out the available listings? Or are you thinking of selling your home in Loomis as quickly as you can? Tom Daves Team comprises a group of trusted real estate agents in Loomis with a track record of brokering the best negotiation on homes and other landed properties. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll take the stress out of buying or selling that piece of real estate in Loomis. 


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